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December 02, 2018

Rebranding & Refreshing

Website Makeover
Earlier this year our studio rebranded and became Twelve of Six Fine Photography. With a few notable exceptions, the studio took a well deserved hiatus in 2017 and reflected on where we started, how we've grown and matured, reaccessed our goals for the future and determined the direction we will pursue in the foreseeable future.

First, Nawal Taoussi is now the principal of our studio. This is a position she has earned because of her artistic vision, demonstrated creativity and her quietly determined drive to set a high standard of excellence. Her photographic bona fides are impressive; almost as impressive as her experiences shooting in the Atlanta area.

Her leadership is the driving force behind Twelve of Six Fine Photography as we move into 2019 and beyond.
So our website is undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts; a refresh. Some elements of the website will be very familiar and will remain unchanged, others will undergo subtle transformation, while others will be dropped completely and a new approach will replace them.

Our original design was the work of the creative team of Brock Martin and Dave Warfel of Infinet Design. Those guys have moved on to new challenges and we wish them each very much success and offer our gratitude for their excellent effort. The results speak volumes about their abilities.
In the future the principle focus of our studio will continue to be wedding photojournalism. Our motto continues to be Uncompromising Photojournalism and it underpins our focus and our commitment in the marketplace. That will not change, in fact we intend to emphasize this approach with our future clients.

We plan to shoot in remote and exotic locations as often as possible. We will offer our clients the kind of service we have built our reputation upon.
For our previous clients, you know who you are and you know we love you. if you are looking for your images on our website and regret they no longer appear; fear not. As we continue with our rebranding we will refresh the images (meaning refresh the editing if required) and you will see those images and many more appearing on the website.

Additionally, you will see a more organized and fully fleshed out website in the future as it evolves and then evolves again. Truly, it is our intent that this evolution never stops and new features and sections, appearances and flourishes continue to enhance the enjoyment of the site for each of you.
We believe you will love the changes you will begin to see through the end of 2018 and early in 2019.

We have some great ideas and some new services we will be adding in the future to our suite of websites and services. Many new cloud based services and applications will be available for all our clients, previous and future.

We're excited and can't wait to show you our vision and your images.
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